This Is Not A Tour

TINAT, oversimplified:  Crankers enter a new Audax inspired by the late Mike Hall and attempt to ride up its stupidly steep Welsh hills with varying degrees of failure.  Some complete their full ride distances, some cut theirs short.  All want to go back next year.

(With apologies to Chad Haga).


My Bikepacking Toolkit

In many ways it’s the remoteness that makes bikepacking great.  Riding rough tracks, alone with nature, miles from anywhere.   That same remoteness makes it altogether less great if you have a mechanical that you can’t fix.  No mobile coverage to phone for a spousal taxi, no public transport options, no bike shop just down the road that doesn’t exist.  So you’ll want to carry a few more tools and spares than on a road ride, but you don’t want to add too much weight or bulk.  This is what my experience so far has taught me to take (and why). Continue reading “My Bikepacking Toolkit”