My Bikepacking Toolkit

In many ways it’s the remoteness that makes bikepacking great.  Riding rough tracks, alone with nature, miles from anywhere.   That same remoteness makes it altogether less great if you have a mechanical that you can’t fix.  No mobile coverage to phone for a spousal taxi, no public transport options, no bike shop just down the road that doesn’t exist.  So you’ll want to carry a few more tools and spares than on a road ride, but you don’t want to add too much weight or bulk.  This is what my experience so far has taught me to take (and why). Continue reading “My Bikepacking Toolkit”

Puff Puff Pass

Dear makers of generic blue inhalers,

I’m afraid I need to make a formal, public complaint about your product.

To start off, let me introduce myself. I’m a deeply average bike rider, someone who enjoys riding quickly but often find my old-codger legs unwilling to do the bidding of my boy-racer brain. Nevertheless, I persevere at my hobby, standing as it does as the only obstacle between me and the obesity statistics. Continue reading “Puff Puff Pass”

A velodrome is for life….

…not just for winter.

Now the evenings are getting lighter, people look surprised when I tell them I am going to the velodrome in the evening. Why not go outside and ride they say and its a fair question to which the answer varies based on their experience of cycling.

To some I can explain about the intensity of interval training, the lack of traffic and how a good coach will be able to make the simple art of turning left every 10 seconds an enjoyable experience with a variety of drills.

To others, I just say its fun. Continue reading “A velodrome is for life….”

The Passenger Theory of Disappointing Rides


I’d like to preface this blog by stating that I’m not technically mad. I don’t think.

However. We know that cycling is as much of a mental sport as it is a physical one, as Cycling Weekly explored recently.

And I think that for me this is even more true than it is for “normal” people. I have more bad rides than good, whatever the numbers say. And I’ve decided that this is almost entirely down to the passengers I’m carrying with me. Continue reading “The Passenger Theory of Disappointing Rides”