My Bikepacking Toolkit

In many ways it’s the remoteness that makes bikepacking so great.  Riding rough tracks, alone with nature, a hundred miles from anywhere.   That same remoteness makes it altogether less great if you have a mechanical.  No public transport, no mobile phone signal, not even a  farmer’s door to knock on.   If you can’t fix it with what you’re carrying, that 100 miles from anywhere just turned into a very long walk.  So you’ll want to have a few more tools and spares with you than on your Sunday morning road ride, yet you don’t want to add too much weight and bag space is always at a premium.  This is what my trips so far have taught me to take. Continue reading “My Bikepacking Toolkit”

What is Gnarbital?

My little sister and I had a game when we were kids.  Our house had more furniture than space.  The lounge had bookcases, occasional tables, a sideboard, sofas, chairs.  The game was to get around the room without touching the floor.  For the floor was lava.   We’d climb from table to bookcase, jump on to the sofa, leap from there to a chair.  The general aim was to follow the room perimeter but diversions into it were encouraged to climb over something more interesting.  Continue reading “What is Gnarbital?”