A velodrome is for life….

…not just for winter.

Now the evenings are getting lighter, people look surprised when I tell them I am going to the velodrome in the evening. Why not go outside and ride they say and its a fair question to which the answer varies based on their experience of cycling.

To some I can explain about the intensity of interval training, the lack of traffic and how a good coach will be able to make the simple art of turning left every 10 seconds an enjoyable experience with a variety of drills.

To others, I just say its fun. Continue reading “A velodrome is for life….”


I’m Pablo, 2nd from the right, undoubtedly the best looking member of Cranks.CC, certainly the fastest, easily the fittest and definitely the coolest. This was all my idea and I let the others join me after an intensive application process. You might be able to join too….