Candy B Graveller 2018 – Introduction

If the Torino-Nice Rally was a bikepacking holiday, and Tour Aotearoa a bikepacking adventure, then Candy B Graveller was a bikepacking race.

Not officially, but unofficially we were in no doubt.  A mass start, with a live online leaderboard fed by our trackers, and a finish party scheduled such that I knew I’d have to spend virtually all but the mandatory 5 hour overnight rest stops moving to be within a chance of making.

The mostly off-road route ran underneath the flight corridor flown during the Berlin Airlift – the aircraft of which were nicknamed the Candy Bombers – during the Soviet blockade of Berlin in the post war years.  We started from their base at what’s now Frankfurt Airport, and each carried a ‘care package’ of a gift we’d bought to hand over to the children’s charity Care at the finish line, the Berlin Velo Fair being held at Tempelhof Airport.

Two Candy Bombers
Two Candy Bombers, at the Frankfurt Luftdenkmal

Click the links below to read how I got on:

Day 1 – A Good Start

Day 2 – Mud, Wet and Broken Gears

Day 3 – Repairs and Late Start

Day 4 – Bonk and Scratch.

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